2010-02-10 Wed

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synergy を Linux で使う はてぶ

デスクトップを Windows から Linux に移行中ということで,
Linux に synergy の設定.

Linux 側を synergy server として使うので,
synergys コマンドを使う.

synergys -c ConfigFile

~/.synergys というファイルを以下の内容で用意.

section: screens

section: links
	left = synergy-client
	right = synergy-server

で,設定確認."-f" オプションをつけて foreground で実行.

synergys -c ~/.synergys -f

あと,synergy は port:24800 を使うので,ファイアウォールの設定を変更する必要がある.

Referrer (Inside):
[2010-04-19-1] QSynergy

Redmine 0.9.2 はてぶ


v0.9.2 (2010-02-07)
Fixed: Sub-project repository commits not displayed on parent project issues
Fixed: Potential security leak on my page calendar
Fixed: Project tree structure is broken by deleting the project with the subproject
Fixed: Error message shown duplicated when creating a new group
Fixed: Firefox cuts off large pages
Fixed: Invalid format parameter returns a DoubleRenderError on issues index
Fixed: Unnecessary Quote button on locked forum message
Fixed: Error raised when trying to view the gantt or calendar with a grouped query
Fixed: PDF support for Korean locale
Fixed: Deprecation warning in extra/svn/reposman.rb

Redmine - Changelog

- Redmine 0.9.1 にアップデート [2010-02-02-1]
- Redmine 0.9.0 RC [2010-01-26-1]
- Redmine 0.8.7 [2009-11-24-1]

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