2002-09-24 Tue

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NPTL vs. NPGT vs. LinuxThreads はてぶ



They suggest that while NGPT is twice as fast at thread creation
and destruction than LinuxThreads, the new NPTL is still four times
faster than that! Read on for Ulrich's full explanation...

- NPTL: Native POSIX Threading Library
- NGPT: Next Generation POSIX Threading

2.5.39+ VM to go "non blocking" はてぶ


Linus has started integrating some of Andrew Morton's mm patches
into his BK repository as usual - what is interesting about this
round of merges is the inclusion of Andrew's most radical changes
- a non-blocking page writeback system. The changelogs are very
detailed and interesting so I won't explain further.

The goal of this system is mainly to improve multi threaded IO
performance and is very exciting as it looks like akpm & co will
push 2.6 (close) to the top of the VM heap!


Google News はてぶ