2010-11-10 Wed

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RackTables をさわってみた はてぶ

データセンタを利用している人向け asset management system の
RackTables をインストールしてさわってみた.

- RackTables

RackTables でできることは以下の通り

With RackTables you can:
 * Have a list of all devices you've got
 * Have a list of all racks and enclosures
 * Mount the devices into the racks
 * Maintain physical ports of the devices and links between them
 * Manage IP addresses, assign them to the devices and group them into networks
 * Document your firewall and NAT rules
 * Describe your loadbalancing policy and store loadbalancing configuration
 * Attach files to various objects in the system
 * Create users, assign permissions and allow or deny any actions they can do
 * Label everything and even everyone with flexible tagging system
 * And, of course, you can access all that from anywhere in the world. All you need is a browser and internet connection!

- Rackspace(ラックとラックの設置場所)
- Objects(サーバやネットワーク機器など)
- IPv4 space(ネットワーク)