2009-07-12 Sun

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Xen のイメージが壊れた はてぶ

Xen のイメージが壊れてしまったので,

Unbound 1.3.1 にアップデート はてぶ

Unbound 1.3.1 にアップデート

bug fix がメインで新機能は以下の 2 点.

- unbound_munin_ in contrib uses ps to show total memory rss if sbrk hack does not work.
- Added build-unbound-localzone-from-hosts.pl to contrib, from Dennis DeDonatis. It converts /etc/hosts into config statements.

build-unbound-localzone-from-hosts.pl は /etc/hosts から
以下のような設定を生成してくれる perl スクリプト.


local-zone: "example.com" transparent

local-data-ptr: " localhost.localdomain"
local-data: "localhost.localdomain A"
local-data: "localhost A"

local-data-ptr: "::1 localhost6.localdomain6"
local-data: "localhost6.localdomain6 AAAA ::1"
local-data: "localhost6 AAAA ::1"

munin 用 plugin の使い方

Plugin の準備
contrib/unbound_munin_ を /etc/munin/plugins/unbound としてコピー.
さらに以下のように ln しておく.

ln -s unbound unbound_munin_by_class
ln -s unbound unbound_munin_by_flags
ln -s unbound unbound_munin_by_opcode
ln -s unbound unbound_munin_by_rcode
ln -s unbound unbound_munin_by_type
ln -s unbound unbound_munin_histogram
ln -s unbound unbound_munin_hits
ln -s unbound unbound_munin_memory
ln -s unbound unbound_munin_queue

/etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/munin-node に以下を追加.

user root
env.statefile /var/lib/munin/plugin-state/unbound-state
env.unbound_conf /etc/unbound.conf
env.unbound_control /usr/sbin/unbound-control
env.spoof_warn 1000
env.spoof_crit 100000

で,munin-node を restart.

unbound の準備
まず remote control 用の setup

# unbound-control-setup

/etc/unbound.conf の編集

extended-statistics: yes

control-enable: yes

- 日本Unboundユーザ会 » Unbound 1.3.1リリース